Where to Fish ?

Where to have a lesson?

I work in the Derbyshire Peak District centred on the Hope Valley and by contrast on the Essex Suffolk boarder centred on Colchester.

The initial (beginners) casts can be taught on mown grass; a good sized lawn or a playing field or similar. You should have permission for this. Not that beginners learning on water is a bad thing.

Progressive anglers will probably want instruction on water. The owner of the water is likely to make a charge for this which you will need to pay. It is in the interest of Commercial Fishing lakes to help with this (and are of course insured). You might then arrange to go on to fish after the session.

If you would like me to arrange a site for your lesson you will be responsible for the site owners charge.

If I need to travel more than 10 miles for your lesson I ask 45p per mile towards travel expenses.

If you need to borrow tackle from me I will be grateful if you will contribute £5.00 in appreciation of wear and tear.