Fly Fishing Instructor

Richard Wright: Professional Fly Fishing Instructor

GAIA certified for single handed rod : Raising money for the Wild Trout Trust & working with the “Cancer and Pisces” Trust.

Home waters:

The Derbyshire Peak District

& Essex / Suffolk boarder

What I can provide :

Casting tuition for all levels.

Give your casting a Health Check or help develop it further with Individual or Group Casting Workshops… You could add a few new mends or casts to your skill set or just cast a bit further.

Guiding: This is guidance while fishing or “river craft”, the art of fishing, not intended to be casting tuition.

Advice: For example on choice of tackle or how to choose or find somewhere to fish. (Also see general advice further down).

AND my fees can be donated to the Wild Trout Trust.

TO Contact me:

A Brief Personal Profile

My name is Richard Wright; a retired GP and life long angler.

I was given my first fishing rod when I was four. I bought my first fly rod when I was eleven. When I was thirteen I started to tie my own flies and have done so ever since.

Tempting though it might be to assume, personal experience and ability do not mean you know how to teach.

I chose to join GAIA (The Game Angling Instructors Association) and through their thorough portfolio and mentorship, from record casting champion John Reynolds, I learnt the skills I lacked.

I hold their Single Handed Professional Instructors Certificate (GAIC) and insurance.

Some general advice and links for beginners:

In England and Wales every angler over 12 years old MUST have an Environment Agency fishing licence, what ever sort of fresh water fishing they do. There’s a big fine if you don’t. It’s easily obtained on line or at a post office. See link lower down.

Fly Worries? : Put off by the complex, scientific latin names? DON’T PANIC, buy this brilliant, little pocket guide and go fishing, problem solved : “Pocket guide to Matching the Hatch” by Lapsley & Bennett. Published by Merlin Unwin books Ltd (ISBN 978-1-906122-20-1 ). I have no commercial interest in this excellent little guide. ALSO look at web site “First” flies section. and consider making them a small donation.

Don’t practice your casting when you’re fishing…you won’t do justice to either.

Casting is a motor skill. Just like learning a musical instrument, little and often works much better than an occasional long session.

If you think you know about your casting action, try standing by a mirror (front and then side on) with 18”/50 cms of broom handle and “practice cast”… see if you’re doing what you think you’re doing …you might be in for a surprise.

Choose an instructor who holds a recognised qualification AND is insured.

GAIA have a list of instructors and much other useful information on their web site: click here

Useful organisation links:

The Wild Trout Trust (an environmental charity): click here.

Salmon and Trout Conservation: click here

The Environment Agency (for your licence): click here.

The Angling Trust : click here

Bakewell Fly Fishing (The quintessence of tradition, a pilgrimage) : click here Sadly this wonderful little shop has closed but Peter Arfield continues to provide tuition and guiding in his own unique way.

MALLON and GREEN is a new, high quality fly fishing shop in Bakewell. Shops like this are a rare thing these days and it will only continue if anglers use it. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Marie and John. Highly recommended. (I have no commercial interest in the business). tel 01629 810520 click here for web site. Lots of good clothing as well!

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